Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA organised by the UNESCO Chair in Inter-cultural and Inter-religious Exchanges within University of Bucharest is a unique opportunity to meet other people, senior and middle managers who run their own businesses, students pursuing a career in business and management, professionals with a significant experience in managing complex organizations. The MBA Program is a Master of Business Administration program, providing you the managerial skills and innovative business solutions to achieve success in a wide range of sectors and industries. The MBA Program is organized in academic partnership with:

The uniqueness of the MBA Program is that it provides participants with a multicultural experience, enabling the creation of an enriching educational experience. The MBA Program is designed to facilitate developing new managerial skills in dealing with various issues in business administration like leadership, strategic processes, human resources management, entrepreneurship, organizational behaviour and many others.

1st Year2nd Year
Strategic Management: the Environment
Business Communication
Finance and Accounting for Managers
Theory and practice of business administration
Strategic Management: Capabilities
Research Methods for Managers
Management in International Contexts : Investment and Financing
Competitive Strategies and Business Performance
Elements of European culture
Critical Thinking and Elements of Philosophy of Economics
Organizational Behavior
Innovation and Knowledge Management
International economic environment: Business Statistics
Entrepreneurship and Internationalization
Internațional Management : Logistics and Lean Management
Theory and practice of business administration: Quality Management in Business
International Marketing
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
Management of Human Resources in multinational companies
Internship: Research activity – elaboration of the master thesis
1st Year2nd Year