Ilie-Constantin FLOREA

Ilie-Constantin FLOREAI had chosen the MBA Programme of the UNESCO Department (University of Bucharest) to complete my studies in the area of management with a double experience in the fields of sociology and business administration, as I consider that being a manager and working in today’s business environment is, above all, dealing with people and their expectations. I was from the beginning attracted by this master programme due to its collaboration with higher education institutions from Switzerland, France and Germany and because it is a programme taught in English (I had previously followed the courses of a master in France and I wanted to do one in English). My experience at the UNESCO Department was a very successful one throughout the two years spent in this programme, combining courses in sociology like Organizational behavior and Ethics of international relations with finance-related courses – like Finance and Accounting for Managers and Risk Management. My efforts were focused on teamwork (group projects) as well as individual assignments (reports, essays and papers to be presented in class), and the benefits from studying side by side with a small but diversified cohort of students were important: I had the possibility to do projects with people coming from the areas of sociology, engineering, and economy – people working in multinationals, SMEs or the education system. I would like to thank all the professors and the staff of this master programme for sharing their time and knowledge with us and thus contributing to our formation as future professionals and managers. And I encourage the future students to analyze carefully the offer of the UNESCO Department and to take profit of the courses taught here if they are accepted in the master programmes. Ilie-Constantin FLOREA Master in Business Administration Class of 2013 Now: Senior Support Consultant at Misys TCM, Romania