The International Symposium “The Turkish Cultural Heritage in Dodruja“, Constanta, September 24-25, 2013

In the frame of the Symposium, Prof. Martin Hauser, the Department’s director, presented his contribution titled: “European Comparative Considerations about Turks Living in the Dobruja County”. This contribution aims to present some text fragments – based on diverse researches – proving the fundamentelly different situation of Turks living in Dodruja in comparison with Turks living in Western Europe.

Thus, Romania has its very specific contribution to Europe with regard to Turks and even Islam. Turks have been living in Dobruja peacefully for cenuturies. That paradigme remains exciting.

Furthermore, Romania succeded to integrate Islam in its religious legislation even  in 1928 and gave official recognition to that religious community!  That situation has never changed since. The difference in comparision with Western Europe is even from this point of view total.

Texts :

  • Grace Davie, Religion in Modern Europe, A Memory Mutates, 2000
  • The European Union, Turkey and Islam, Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy, 2004
  • Anders Backstrom, Coordinator, Welfare and Values in Europe, Transitions related to Religion, Minorities and Gender, 2012  (Medgidia Case Study Report)
  • Martin Hauser, Aktuelle rumänische Religionsgesetzgebung auf dem Hintergrund der rumänischen Geschichte, in : Hartmut Kress (Hg.), Religionsfreiheit als Leitbild, 2004
  • Tasin Gemil, Romanians And Ottomans in the XIVth-XVIth Centuries, 2009

About the Symposium:

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